API Fundraiser Snack Box: SUNDAY, April 18 (SF/OAK/PEN/SBAY)
API Fundraiser Snack Box: SUNDAY, April 18 (SF/OAK/PEN/SBAY)
API Fundraiser Snack Box: SUNDAY, April 18 (SF/OAK/PEN/SBAY)
API Fundraiser Snack Box: SUNDAY, April 18 (SF/OAK/PEN/SBAY)

API Fundraiser Snack Box: SUNDAY, April 18 (SF/OAK/PEN/SBAY)

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- 30% of the proceeds will be donated to Asian Pacific Fund to support the API community's fight against hate and violence. 

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- Pre-refrigerated with storage and heating instructions. 

- Omnivore pork-free boxes only. We are unable to accommodate dietary preferences. May contain allergens including gluten, egg, soy, latex fruit, seafood, poultry, nuts, coconut, dairy, spices.

- Pick up from one of the 4 locations on Sunday, April 18. The address will be emailed to you 48 hours before pick up. Check your SPAM folder if you do not see follow up emails from DamansaraSF@gmail.com and Shopify. 

- All orders must be collected between 1PM & 3PM. There is no alternative time & date. 

- Must provide a valid mobile number so we can text you if necessary. 

- Please wear a valveless mask or dense fabric nose & mouth covering recommended by the CDC and maintain a 6ft distance when collecting your order. 

- Price includes credit card and store fees. Gratuity is greatly appreciated. 

- Refundable if cancelled 48 hours before 9AM of the pick up date. 

 - By completing the order, you agree to collect your order from the chosen location no later than 3PM. 

- PHOTOS FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Actual items vary according to participating chefs' choices. See menu below. 



Each box includes assorted savory and sweet appetizers or snack size items for sharing among 2-4 individuals. Subject to substitutions. Pork-free.

Fish & Nuts Serunding by Tracy Goh/ Damansara

Spicy-sweet dehydrated seafood (anchovy & shrimp) with nuts. Ready to enjoy in lettuce wraps, salad or use it to season hot rice.

Red Koji Fermented Soy Cookies by Tracy Goh/ Damansara

Salty and sweet chewy cookies w/ red koji fermented soy curd (furu 腐乳), spices, garlic, candied winter melon, sesame.

Dumplings by Hang Truong/ Noodle Girl

Gowlae Wings by Kitiya Ditpare/ Taco Thai

Grilled chicken wings with turmeric, coriander, cinnamon. 

Egg Rolls by Nite Yun/ Nyum Bai

Rujak & Shrimp Chips by Jennifer Huang/ 1000 Layer Bakery

Indonesian fruits & vegetables salad w/ spicy palm sugar sauce. 

Genmai Pandan Herbal Loose Tea by Lin Lin Yang/ Herb to Your Mother

Pink Hibiscus Ginger Herbal Loose Tea by Lin Lin Yang/ Herb to Your Mother

Ube Mini Donuts by Michelle Numbers/ Buko Bakes

Calamansi Bar by Michelle Numbers/ Buko Bakes

Macarons by Tina Nguyen/ The Baking Endeavor

In three flavors: passion fruit; coconut pandan; black sesame

Fish Sauce Caramel Crackerjacks by Blake KutnerLa Cocina

Popcorn, fish sauce caramel, dried anchovies and fried garlic.

About Our Guest Chef, Blake Kutner - Culinary Manager of La Cocina

Blake has been cooking and working in professional kitchens since the early 90s. He’s done pretty much everything in the back of the house world from Mexico to Spain, New Orleans to San Francisco. He believes that street food is secretly every chef’s favorite and makes up the fabric of any great city. 

We are very happy to have Blake join the Asian Women Chef Collective in this fundraiser for API organizations that are actively protecting the community and fighting racial hate and violence. 

Who are we?

We are a collective of Asian women chefs serving up mindfully hand crafted snack boxes. Each member is an independent business owner associated with lacocinasf.org, a non-profit incubator for low-income women, immigrants and BIPOC food entrepreneurs. This snack box collaboration is a beautiful and delicious result of the food industry coming together to survive the pandemic's impact on our businesses.