Malaysian Monday: 6/21 delivery
Malaysian Monday: 6/21 delivery
Malaysian Monday: 6/21 delivery

Malaysian Monday: 6/21 delivery

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Please check back on 6/22 @9AM


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- We are unable to accommodate dietary preferences. See menu for allergens.

- Building entrance delivery within San Francisco City only. Delivery on MONDAY, 06/21/2021 between 10am and 1pm. We do not go up to apartment or office units within a complex, please meet us at the lobby or specify contactless drop-off instructions. 

- Alternatively, pick up from an SF address can be arranged. Contact 

- Must provide a valid mobile number for delivery updates. Order will be left in the safest possible spot outside if we are unable to reach you or there is no answer after 5 minutes. 

- Price includes credit card and store fees. 

- Refundable if cancelled within 48 hours before 9AM of the delivery date. 

- PHOTOS FOR REFERENCE ONLY. See menu below. Subject to substitutions. 


Flavorful pick-me-ups for the Monday blues.

Menu: Nyonya Feast

(Serves 2)

Local Seasonal Fish Steamed Otak-Otak

SF line caught black cod, coconut-egg custard, spices, herbs. Cooked in banana leaves. Contains shellfish and egg.

Ayam Keluak - Chicken in Black Nut Sauce 

Slow cooked chicken with buah keluak, known as black nut or pangium edule, a tree nut that requires a time consuming fermentation process for safe human consumption. Dubbed "Asian truffle", keluak has a deep earthy musk that is popular among those who enjoy black truffle. Contains tree nuts.

Asam Pedas Vegetables with Anchovies

Hot & sour asam sauce, string beans, petai, tomatoes and fried anchovies. Contains shellfish.

Butterfly Pea Jasmine Rice

Steamed rice dyed with natural pea flowers. 

Kuih Kosui

Coconut palm sugar and pandan steamed rice & tapioca cake with grated coconut. 


*Optional Add-On of the Week: Spiral Curry Puffs

Hand laminated puff pastry filled with chicken potato & egg curry. Mild. Limited quantity. Not available in a la carte. Contains wheat, eggs. See second image.